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PowerShell AutoDeployment Script

PowerShell AutoDeployment Script is a high-performance PowerShell Script within you can manage SharePoint Solutions inside SharePoint 2010-2013 Farms.


  • 3rd Release (2.1)


  • Launch SharePoint Solutions
  • Activate all Features inside Solutions
  • Based on Feature Scope, activate across subsites
  • Retrieve uninstall features and solutions
  • Features with webapplication scoped availables
  • Optional step-by-step installation
  • Downloadable *.exe file
  • Solved "Language Pack 0 is uninstalled" issue
  • Initialize window in resizable dimensions
  • Deploy solutions against all webapplications even no needed
  • Trazing log events (Warning, Error, Trace & Report)
  • Added log to Path C:\{localservername}.log
  • Refactor solutions with modules
  • NEW Solutions will be installed based on Assembly Deployment Target property
  • NEW Features will be activated based on ActivateOnDefault property
  • NEW Errors handling & tracing
  • NEW Retired IIS Reset (causes Distributed Cache issues)


  • This is a personal open source project. Started in 2012 for developer purpose.
  • Not recommended for production environments. Test first at developer sites.
  • Please, feel free to add suggestions.

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